Alexandr Kalinka

Technical Skills & Experience

Computer Languages
Ruby, Golang, Python
Linux, LAN/WAN/Wireless, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, VPN
DevOps, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Vagrant, Docker, Kubernetes
HP and Cisco Routers, Switches, Firewalls, HP Blade Servers, Storage Systems
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Haml
HTML, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript

Employment History

August 2023-November 2023 on Versacommerce

Middle Support Engineer / DevOps

  • Successfully migrated a portion of our services from Heroku to an internal bare metal server, resulting in a 20% reduction in infrastructure costs.
  • Streamlined the deployment process for our Ruby on Rails application by implementing Kamal and Github Actions. This enhancement empowers developers to focus on their work without the need to be concerned about deployment tasks.

January 2022-June 2023 on Evrone

Middle Support Engineer / DevOps

  • Implemented an automated CI/CD pipeline for deployment, relieving the team of concerns associated with manual deployment tasks.
  • Contributed to strategic architectural decision-making for diverse services within the project.
  • Integrated the Keycloak service with our Ruby on Rails application, enabling the seamless reuse of user accounts across various services.
  • Streamlined the deployment process for our Ruby on Rails application through the utilization of Kamal and Github Actions. This enhancement ensures that developers need not concern themselves with deployment intricacies.
  • Optimized performance by conducting a thorough analysis of SQL queries, identifying and resolving issues such as N+1 problems and addressing long and inefficient queries.

2018-2022 on The Loop Enterprises, LLC

Support Engineer / DevOps

  • Successfully transitioned our entire server infrastructure from Linux servers to Kubernetes, resulting in enhanced deployment speed and stability.
  • Implemented an automated CI/CD system for deployment, freeing the team from concerns related to manual deployment processes.
  • Developed a logs collector server from scratch, leveraging Loki, resulting in a 20% reduction in costs associated with external services.
  • Increased test speed by 32% through the implementation of a multistaging Docker image for testing purposes.
  • Engineered a messaging system utilizing NSQ and Golang.
  • Established a monitoring system based on Grafana / Prometheus, resulting in a 10% reduction in costs associated with external services.

2016-2017 Fullstack developer

Fullstack developer on

Automated educational platform, providing mentorship for those who want to learn web-development on Ruby on Rails, Big Data engineering or DevOps tools and practices

  • Knowledge of Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SCSS
  • Knowledge of Ruby On Rails
  • Knowledge a database in MySQL, PostgreSQL

2014-2108 Freelance

Ruby on Rails developer

  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Knowledge of Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SCSS
  • Knowledge of Ruby On Rails
  • Working with Web Services AWS, Heroku, CodeClimate, MailGun, Rollbar, NewRelic, Github
  • Working with services for continuous integration TravisCI, HoundCI
  • Knowledge of standard OAuth
  • Knowledge of various gems RoR: Nokogiri, Sorcery, Paperclip, I18n
  • Creating a database in MySQL, PostgreSQL

2005-2018 Software Engineer/ System Administrator at JSC "Belagroprombank", Belarus

Multifaceted responsibilities to configure, install and administer network infrastructure and telecommunication systems that supported staff of 150 personnel. Implementation TCP/IP core networking services using Active Directory, DHCP, DNS. Administration of a broad range of specialized services such as judicial proceedings, business correspondence, audio recording of court proceedings etc. Analysis and design new servers and storage systems including RAID arrays and backups management. Providing desktop, phone and remote support for users.

  • Migration of all servers and PC's from workgroups into the domain infrastructure.
  • Successful migration of server infrastructure into the virtualization platform (VMware)
  • Implementation of the backup system for Virtual Machines (Veeam Backup & Replication).


2000-2006 The Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics



Additional education

2010 JV "Bevalex" LLC, Minsk, Belarus

EDS "Record". Admin. Operation and Maintenance

2011 Knowledge Center, Minsk, Belarus

ICND1 V1.1 part 1

ICND1 V1.1 part 2

2012 JV "Bevalex" LLC, Minsk, Belarus

Maintenance and operation of EDS "Record". Administrator.

2012 Training Centre of "Belagroprombank", Minsk, Belarus

The use and administration of the Oracle database in conjunction with EDS "Record"